Add On Spotlight: Lymphatic Drainage for the Stomach

lymphatic drainage for the stomach image

Lymphatic drainage is often used as a way to aid the body’s natural detox process. This unique massage technique stimulates lymph flow and enhances the clearance of accumulated toxic waste in the body. Yes, that is right.. WASTE. Lymph contains a variety of substances including proteins, salts, fats, water and white blood cells. Typically, you’re body does an adequate job moving lymph, but lymphatic drainage can help boost this.

Lymphatic Drainage for the Stomach benefits:

  • Lower bloat from stagnant fluid accumulation
  • Improve digestion – There are deeper lymph vessels within this region, lymphatic drainage work is deeper and focused on really getting things moving.
  • Aid in immune system working efficiently – Did you know that 70% of your immune system lives in your gut? Lets keep it working top notch!
  • It is deeply grounding and can help you feel more connected to yourself.

Add on Treatment in office will add an additional 15 minutes on to your session with focused work on the belly. There are contraindications for deep abdominal MLD work which will be discussed at the time of your appointment, or feel free to call and have a chat with me.