Ashiatsu Training in Tucson

Every year I like to dedicate time to continuing education in the areas that I love to specialize in. I have been working with Southwest Ashiatsu Academy and Bodywork for a decade with training. They are based out in Arizona and although it’s a long trip to get there, the training is worth every second. In fact, Brenda, the owner, is actually the one who originally certified me in Ashiatsu Barefoot Therapy. I have a lot of respect and trust in her ability to keep me practicing this art safely and efficiently for my awesome Clients.

Between training I had some time to explore some hiking trails and get photography in. There was a ton of wildlife and the landscapes were truly amazing. There is something very healing about being in the desert and if you haven’t had a chance, I highly recommend making a trip out there just to experience the scenery.

Training this round was specifically for incorporating more stretching into my sessions with the goal to continue to improve range of motion and mobility for those suffering from shoulder or hip issues. Although I am very seasoned in these areas, I think there is always more to learn so I always go in with an open mind and willingness to learn and grow. I am officially utilizing everything I learned in my treatments and so excited for you to give it a go.