About Me

Welcome! My name is Sophia Renee (Phia Renee) and am a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist in Salt Lake County, Utah. I have been practicing since 2010. I have worked in various settings doing massage therapy from luxury spas, ski resorts, gyms, and hospice.

I specialize in mental health and chronic pain management, which I’ve learned tend to go hand in hand. One of my favorite techniques is Ashiatsu. Ashiatsu offers broad pressure, while using the feet to perform massage, which allows my clients to relax very well while still getting in some good deep tissue therapy.

When I am not doing massage, I enjoy exploring different towns and states. I have a love exploring ghost towns and learning about their history. I also enjoy off-roading and having time with my loved ones.

I am currently working on my yoga teacher certification and I am looking forward to offering meditation workshops in the late fall of 2021.

That’s just a tidbit about me, I look forward to meeting with you!