Tackling chronic pain is an on going battle. In addition to massage therapy, I am an advocate for a holistic approach to stay connected to your body as well as maintain optimal health for where you are at in life. As much as I’d love to help with all areas health related, some stuff is out of my scope. Here you will find my referrals to businesses I personally work with that can help you on your wellness journey.

Nutrition – Holistic Health Coaching from Todai Nutrition

Two very important factors in maintaining good health is understanding our bodies needs nutritionally as well as physically.

Nutrition plays a vital role for overall good health. Understanding how to properly nourish your body through what you are eating can have major impacts on your recovery from injuries, surgeries, illness, exercise, and mental health. It can be overwhelming where to start when it comes to understanding our relationship with with food and how to properly fuel our body.

Randy Paddock (Founder of Todai Nutrition) has over a decade of experience working with a wide range of health backgrounds. His approach is creating healthy and sustainable habits through simplicity and balance. Reach out to him for a free consultation to see how Nutrition Coaching can benefit you.