Product Spotlight: Immune Support

Once fall hits, I have a huge craving for the smell of spiced pine cones and drinking warm cider on cooler evenings. This is my absolute most favorite time of year by far! However, this is also cold and flu season, and with such a rough last year with COVID, I plan to be extra careful with making sure my home is disinfected and hand soap is stocked next to every single sink. Something that I recently learned is that viruses have a hard time surviving when suspended in higher humidity in the air. I had decided to get a humidifier for all the main rooms and the bedrooms for all my kids and myself, and this is where I utilize one of my favorite essential oils, Immune Strength. In the main room, I add a few drops of Immune Strength to a large humidifier that holds around a gallon of distilled water. This not only helps clean air particles, but also smells amazing! 

The Oils Found in Immune Strength are:

Clove Bud

Cinnamon Bark








Ginger Root


I love walking into my house and am greeted with the aroma Immune Strength!

Okay so now let’s get to why this is fantastic to have as a tool for Cold and Flu season…

This blend was put together to be anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and purifying. You can actually use it for disinfecting your house. Just add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and wipe down surfaces as usual. This oil is also available in the office, so please feel free to ask any questions about it at your next appointment, or purchase one for your home. 

Sending Light and Love,