Hot Stone Massage is Back

With the change of temperature, I decided it was time to bring hot stone massage therapy back! For those that have been in office, you know I offer a complimentary hot stone add on. This is to target a specific muscle group of choice. That add on is still available for a specific muscle group of your choice! However, if you want to enhance your entire massage with hot stones, now you can! This is a seasonal massage therapy session so feel free to enjoy this all fall and winter long.

So why get a hot stone massage? Hot stones utilize the heat from basalt stones (lava stones) to melt muscle tension, lower stress and anxiety, and promote a deep sense of relaxation. I’ve found that those who don’t care for deep tissue massage or for medical reasons can’t have deep tissue, tend to love hot stone massage.

Are you a candidate for hot stone massage? As with any type of massage, there are certain populations that may make you a better candidate for hot stone massage. If you have been experiencing anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, or muscle soreness and stiffness, you are most likely a candidate for this massage. Please be sure to discuss any health issues with me prior to your massage to ensure the best possible treatment for you.