In office therapy visits are extremely beneficial, but so is at home self care. Here are my personally recommended products to keep you moving between appointments. Items through Amazon are an affiliate link, so I am compensated for the referral. Also, I have personally purchased these products and they are from reputable vendors. This allows you to utilize Prime to receive your products directly to your home.

Thera Cane Massager: This is one of my top recommends to have at home. Notice the tips on the end have rounded bulbs on them. This is so you can massage out trigger points while using your own body leverage.

Foam Roller: Use the roller to relieve your muscles, as well as for balance, strengthening, and flexibility exercises. This works with your natural body weight so you can control the pressure used.

Form Roller Kit: This kit has multiple options to utilize for trigger points and tension suitable to be used on the entire body. This kit is fantastic for working on specific areas of tension in between appointments.